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Learn Tricks for the Trampoline

Bouncing up and down on a trampoline is fun, but if you have children who are the least bit adventurous, they’ll soon be trying to do quite a bit more than that and will want to learn some tricks for the trampoline to add to their fun. However, while doing simple tricks properly can be fairly safe, fooling around and trying to push the envelope can be a bit dangerous. Be sure your children know the proper way to do tricks and know how to be safe while they bounce before you allow them to do any tricks on your new trampoline.

First, make sure anyone using the trampoline knows how to jump up and down and land back near the center each time. This practice time won’t be wasted. Jumping on trampolines is one of the best ways to strengthen muscles and organs, especially the cardio-vascular system. The additional flexibility, balance and coordination will help your children perform any of these simple trampoline tricks more easily and safely.

The first trick you should teach your little jumping beans is to land on their backs. Have them stand on the trampoline without moving. Their arms should remain at their sides. Then, they will need to fall straight backwards onto the trampoline bed, keeping their heads up. As their backs connect with the trampoline, they should be sure they don’t jerk their heads around, since they could pull some muscles if they do. They should allow their heads to meet the mat naturally instead. After their backs meet the trampoline bed, they will rebound back to their feet. Make sure they practice several times before they try to move on to the next trick. If they seem bored by the trick and want to try something else, suggest that they try to bounce a bit higher.

Once everyone has mastered the back flop, it is time to try landing on your knees instead of your feet. You should start the trick the same way, remembering to be careful not to jerk your neck around as you fall back onto the trampoline bed. As you bounce back up, land on your knees and then rock back down. You can keep rocking up and back almost indefinately.

There are many other tricks you can try, but they are more risky and should only be done if you are very experienced with using the trampoline to bounce and you have mastered the simpler tricks. One of the more complicated tricks you can try is a somersault or flip. You can do these tricks backwards and forwards, but be sure you stay safe. Practice all of the same precautions you would observe if you were on the ground, such as tucking your head and protecting your neck properly.

Finally, remember that any trick is less safe than simply bouncing. Before you begin a trick, make sure you are not too close to anyone else and that there is plenty of room for you to bounce where you didn’t plan to land. Also, be sure you don’t hold your neck stiffly or jerk your head abruptly as you do tricks. The best trick is always one that ends safely.

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Trampoline Mat Safety Tips for your Family

As you and your family and friends bounce away on your new trampoline, you may notice that the mat, or bed, in the center of your trampoline is getting quite a workout, too. As you continue to use your trampoline, the mat will become worn and unsafe. After all, although it is reinforced and stitched to make it as strong as possible, a trampoline mat is simply a piece of fabric. Stitches will break and threads will become more fragile. As you notice signs of wear, you should begin researching replacement trampoline mats. One of the best places to look for a new mat is the internet. There are several excellent sites that provide information on purchasing a replacement mat.

TrampolinePartsandSupply.com is one excellent resource for people looking for replacement mats in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Here, you can find replacement mats for many trampoline brands and models, including JumpKing and Hedstrom. Looking at the available selection is as simple as visiting the site and selecting the ‘mats’ link on the home page. This link leads to a replacement mats page with photos and descriptions of each mat available. If you aren’t sure which mat is right for your trampoline, you can find information on the page about the proper mat and spring size for your frame. The site’s useful information, wide range of mat sizes and styles and competitive pricing makes it one of the best choices for people looking for replacement trampoline mats.

As you look at replacement beds for your trampoline, you may notice that some of them have a “target” stitched in the center. Having this mark in the middle of your mat is a wonderful safety option, because it helps guide jumpers to the middle of the trampoline as they bounce. Bouncing near the edges can be a bit more dangerous, but many people forget to check to see how close they are to the edge as they jump. Seeing the “target” will remind them to head for the middle of the trampoline.

Another thing to look for as you look at the available options is the mat’s warranty. Sometimes, the cheapest mat is not the best deal, especially if it only has a three month warranty. Check to be sure the mat you are considering has a warranty of several years before you make your final decision. A five year warranty is ideal. Remember, a mat that falls apart when you are jumping can cause serious injury, so you don’t want to look for the cheapest mat you can find.

Of course, ideally, you want to be able to use your original mat or any replacements for as long as possible. While some wear and tear is unavoidable, you can prolong the life of your mat with a few smart precautions. If you aren’t going to be using the trampoline, cover the mat with a tarp or a tent to protect it from damage caused by sun, rain and drastic temperature changes. You may want to consider storing it in a shed or garage during the winter months to provide further protection. Also, make sure anyone using the mat is wearing appropriate shoes. Spiked athletic shoes can really cause some damage.

Finally, if you notice any holes in your current trampoline mat or see any tears in the stitching on the mat’s edges, especially near the safety clips, please be sure to replace it immediately. If one of the holes enlarges as someone is jumping on the trampoline, he or she could become seriously injured.

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How to Repair your Trampoline

No matter how well you care for your trampoline or how good the warranty is, you will need to be ready to do some repairs and adjustments or replace the occassional part. After all, making sure your trampoline stays in good repair keeps all the bouncers in your family happy and safe. Trampoline repair is never a case of “if” but only “when”.

If you notice that something looks a bit worn or no longer works properly, your first step should be to take a look at your trampoline’s user manual. The manual should provide easy to understand instructions on caring for your specific model. If a consultation of the manual doesn’t provide the answers you need, you should contact the manufacturer. You may want to try visiting the company website first to see if there is any information that can help you there, but, if not, you should contact the customer service department to ask for help on replacing a part or to discover how you can get replacement parts. It is best to check with customer service before you start shopping for parts because they just may be covered by warranty, which could mean the manufacturer would replace them for free.

Of course, if the company you bought your trampoline from is no longer in business or doesn’t carry a specific replacement part, getting your trampoline repaired can be a bit more challenging. Luckily, some trampoline companies sell generic parts that can be used to repair other companies’ models. These companies often have an added bonus – their replacement parts may be cheaper than those being sold by a well known company.

One company that offers quite a few replacement parts for trampolines is Super Fun Trampolines. With over 25 years in the business, this company is no newcomer to the field. You can buy replacement parts factory direct, which cuts out the middle man and gives you a better price. In addition to selling parts for repairing your trampoline, Super Fun Trampolines repairs mats. If your mat has holes or the stitching on the edges is coming loose, you can ship it to them. Within three to four weeks, your mat will be repaired and you will be back to bouncing away.

If you are looking for the lowest price on replacement parts for your trampoline, you may want to check out Fun Spot Trampolines. This company has been in the trampoline business for more than 33 years and guarantees that their trampoline part prices are the lowest around. The company also says it weaves its own mat fabric and webbing and that it is the only trampoline manufacturer to do so. If you need a mat rebuilt, re-sown, or patched, Fun Spot Trampoline offers a repair service with very competitive pricing.

If what you need is your trampoline’s manual, trampoline Sales has the solution. This company sells ebooks of replacement manuals for a few different brands of trampolines. If you aren’t sure which replacement parts you need or how to replace parts and you’ve lost your manual, these replacement manuals can be very handy. If you are only looking for replacement parts, the company can help out with that, as well. Trampoline Sales stocks a range of replacement parts, such as springs, mats, covers and patch kits. The company has a 100% money-back customer satisfaction guarantee and has warranties on the different parts.

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Tips for Buying a Trampoline

If you’re looking for a new way to add some fun to your backyard activities this season, why not buy a trampoline? Not only are trampolines a lot of fun, but they are also good exercise for you and the kids. Of course, one of the best reasons to buy a trampoline is that it gets the family out of the house, away from the TV, computer and video games and out into the fresh air!

There are a couple of things you will want to keep in mind before you buy a trampoline. They conveniently come in different shape and sizes, but you will want to buy a trampoline that is in proportion with the outdoor space you have available. You also want to keep in mind how many individuals will be utilizing the trampoline for not only size, but safety reasons also. Once you’ve got those numbers, you can begin looking for a trampoline that fits your lifestyle and maybe even some accessories to further enhance the fun factor for you and your kids.

If you have decided to buy a trampoline, you will be happy to know that it’s very easy because there are many websites available that offer helpful buying and overall, general information. You can find answers to any questions you might have regarding types of trampolines, parts, safety concerns and even health benefits. Using the web, you can arrange to buy the entire trampoline set up online and have it shipped directly to your front door!

One good source of information is using online stores. They have a wide variety of trampolines and accessories and many offer free shipping. Did you know that you can choose different colors for your trampoline’s mat? Well now you can choose from a variety of colored fabrics. Most of them offer a UV protectant, heavy-duty webbing that is sewn onto the perimeter of the mat and doubles the life of stitching. Shopping online will allow you to find the lower prices and also to find a trampoline for every budget.

Not only can you find your trampoline online but all the other accessories you may need such as mats, trampoline pads, safety nets and enclosures, snag bags, ladders, replacement parts and even tents for your trampoline!

So go ahead and buy a trampoline! You and your family can look forward to hours of enjoyment while you have a blast bouncing your way to fun in a healthy and safe way!

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Is it Time to Replace your Trampoline Springs?

As you bounce up in the air for the hundredth time, you may be wondering how your trampoline works. There are two things that work together to make you bounce. The trampoline springs and mat combine to create the proper tension to enable you to bounce when you jump. However, exactly how high you bounce depends directly on exactly how strong the springs around your trampoline’s edges are.

All trampoline springs should pass the American Society for Testing and Material standards before they are used on a trampoline. These springs are made with a high quality piece of wire that has been made stronger through a process called galvanization. The galvanized wire is coiled and then is cut to the proper length to form springs.

With each bounce someone takes on the trampoline, stress is placed on the springs. This is why using the strongest wire available is a good idea. Even with high quality wire, the springs will weaken and stretch over time. You should take a look at your trampoline every month to be sure the springs look sturdy and are not rusty. To help keep the springs working well longer, cover the entire trampoline with a tarp when it is not in use and consider spraying the metal with WD40 or a similar anti-rust product. The reason keeping your trampoline springs in good working order is so important is that they could snap at a weakened or rusted point as someone is bouncing away on the trampoline.

While you may want to go right to your trampoline’s manufacturer when you replace springs, you can also go to an online store that sells replacement parts. Two well known spring brands are Ultra Bounce and DDI Sports.

Of course, when you buy your replacement springs, you want to be sure you get ones that actually fit your trampoline. To find out which size you should shop for, remove a spring from the trampoline and measure it from one hook to the other. You should take your measurement in inches, since that is how these replacement parts are sold. You may actually want to measure two or three springs in case one of them is really stretched out to be sure you have the right measurement.

Once you have your measurements, you can shop for replacement springs. There are many great replacements parts suppliers operating online and you can find more information on them by following the resources section at the end of this article.

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