Learn Tricks for the Trampoline

Bouncing up and down on a trampoline is fun, but if you have children who are the least bit adventurous, they’ll soon be trying to do quite a bit more than that and will want to learn some tricks for the trampoline to add to their fun. However, while doing simple tricks properly can be fairly safe, fooling around and trying to push the envelope can be a bit dangerous. Be sure your children know the proper way to do tricks and know how to be safe while they bounce before you allow them to do any tricks on your new trampoline.

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First, make sure anyone using the trampoline knows how to jump up and down and land back near the center each time. This practice time won’t be wasted. Jumping on trampolines is one of the best ways to strengthen muscles and organs, especially the cardio-vascular system. The additional flexibility, balance and coordination will help your children perform any of these simple trampoline tricks more easily and safely.

The first trick you should teach your little jumping beans is to land on their backs. Have them stand on the trampoline without moving. Their arms should remain at their sides. Then, they will need to fall straight backwards onto the trampoline bed, keeping their heads up. As their backs connect with the trampoline, they should be sure they don’t jerk their heads around, since they could pull some muscles if they do. They should allow their heads to meet the mat naturally instead. After their backs meet the trampoline bed, they will rebound back to their feet. Make sure they practice several times before they try to move on to the next trick. If they seem bored by the trick and want to try something else, suggest that they try to bounce a bit higher.

Once everyone has mastered the back flop, it is time to try landing on your knees instead of your feet. You should start the trick the same way, remembering to be careful not to jerk your neck around as you fall back onto the trampoline bed. As you bounce back up, land on your knees and then rock back down. You can keep rocking up and back almost indefinately.

There are many other tricks you can try, but they are more risky and should only be done if you are very experienced with using the trampoline to bounce and you have mastered the simpler tricks. One of the more complicated tricks you can try is a somersault or flip. You can do these tricks backwards and forwards, but be sure you stay safe. Practice all of the same precautions you would observe if you were on the ground, such as tucking your head and protecting your neck properly.

Finally, remember that any trick is less safe than simply bouncing. Before you begin a trick, make sure you are not too close to anyone else and that there is plenty of room for you to bounce where you didn’t plan to land. Also, be sure you don’t hold your neck stiffly or jerk your head abruptly as you do tricks. The best trick is always one that ends safely.

Niall Roche

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